In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful.
Aslam Alaikum (Peace be onto you) and wellcome to Cootehill poultry products producer, distributer and supplier of high quality Halal Poultry and meat products.
Cootehill poultry are uk based distributor and Supplier of Halal Poultry and meat products. Our Halal Products are processed in accordance to the full requirements of Islamic injunctions and complies with current Netherlands and European legislation governing the humane treatment of animals and the safe preparation of foodstuffs. We strive to uphold only the highest standards of excellence in health, hygiene and safety regulations.
All our production facilities ensure the process of Halal Zabihah (animal slaughter in accordance to Islamic Rites) and standards of cleanliness are kept to exceptionally high levels throught production and distribution, allowing only the highest quality of Halal products and produce to be supplied to our customers together with the longest product shelf lives.
Cootehill poultry prides itself on providing all of its valued customers with only the most excellent standards in products and customer services.
We will very soon working with uk Supermarket to provide excellent distribution channel for Muslim community. This will enable you to get our quality fresh products at very competitive price on a daily basis.

Cootehill poultry would provide the following benefits to all its customers:

  • Advice on Halal products and processes

  • Transparency and traceability from farm to fark

  • Market knowledge and track record

  • Wide range of high quality poultry products

  • Excellent quality assurance and welfare

  • Halal assurance

  • Fast and efficient service

  • Quality products

  • Accredited process

  • Wide range of products

  • Competitively priced product

  • Recognizable brand

Contact us

Perwaiz 07973309316

Zahid 07912178090